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Article Conection String to MS SQL 2008 DB - example
In order to connect to SQL Server 2008 from Management Studio, Enterprise Manager, Query...
Views: 5499
Article Connecting to a SQL Server or MySQL Database in WebMatrix
Connecting to a SQL Server or MySQL Database in WebMatrix WebMatrix includes SQL Server Compact,...
Views: 2481
Article How to change asp.net version for my website?
1. Login to your control panel http://cp.aspnethosting.co.uk †and click on Web - Web sites...
Views: 2869
Article How to clean MS SQL 2008 transaction log file
Please login to Mylittleadmin in websitepanel and execute this acript against your database: USE...
Views: 2641
Article How to configure web deploy/ webmatrix?
How to configure Web deploy & Webmatrix in WebsitePanel First log in WebsitePanel, navigate...
Views: 3570
Article How to connect remotely to IIS
To connect to your website remotely do the following:1) Login to dotnetpanel, click†web...
Views: 3104
Article How to enable remote IIS management for my site?
Login to your hosting control panel here http://cp.aspnethosting.co.uk then click on Web - Web...
Views: 2228
Article How to send email from classic asp / CDOSYS /
<%Dim ObjSendMailSet ObjSendMail = CreateObject("CDO.Message")† 'This section provides the...
Views: 3509
Article How to send email from your asp.net code?
' Visual Basic Sample - Sending SMTP Authenticated E-mail ' Please replace yourdomain.com in...
Views: 5913
Article How to Take Database Offline - Take Database Online
† You can use this TSQL script in new query under your DB † -- Take the Database Offline USE...
Views: 908
Article I get Error reading web site information when i click my website in Websitepanel
A) this usually means that eithera) you have deleted wwwroot/web.configb) edited...
Views: 5485
Article I get error when conneting to MS SQL 2008 server
If you get this error: The server principal " " is not able to access the database " " under the...
Views: 2821
Article Login URL for the Web Site Panel
For shared hosting - https://wsp.aspnethosting.co.uk
Views: 580
Article MS SQL 2008 and MySQL server addresses
MSSQL 2008 server addresses are: sql2008.aspnethosting.co.uk sql2008r2.aspnethosting.co.uk...
Views: 3904
Article On Windows 2008 hosting, I get a 500 error page and the error is not shown. How to I display the error?
Load file manager in WebsitePanel,†edit the web.config file in your DOMAIN/wwwroot folder †...
Views: 1962
Article Understanding Physical and Virtual Directory Structures
Beyond home directory wwwroot, Microsoft Web sites also use the following:■ Physical...
Views: 1673
Article What is FTP hostname/server address for Windows servers?
FTP server address/host name is ftp.yourdomain and port 21
Views: 3346
Article What is the aspnet_client Folder?
ASP.net developers should be aware of the aspnet_client folder in their web space. This folder...
Views: 4329
Article What will happen if I hit the memory limit?
If the worker process exceeds the private memory quota, IIS will recycle that pool which limits...
Views: 923